Meet the SJFT

The St. John’s Foundation Trust, Marlborough (SJFT) owns and manages land, investments and a charitable fund for the exclusive benefit of St John’s Marlborough, its students and their education in the local community.

These assets are derived from donations and endowments, some dating back hundreds of years.

The Trust is an independent registered charity (no. 1078080), run by a volunteer Board of Trustees who meet at least three times a year.

It provides funds for school developments and educational projects which are not normally provided by public funds or school budgets.

The Trustees are currently (August 2020)

  • Mr Stephen Tapper (Chair) – Nominated Trustee
  • Dr Carole Awbery – Nominated Trustee
  • Mrs Kim Lydon-Strutt – Co-Opted Trustee
  • Mr Rex Sandbach  – Co-Opted Trustee
  • Mrs Ruth Sandbach – Co-Opted Trustee

The most significant assistance in recent times was the new single site school project.

The Trust owned the land on which the old Stedman building stood. It agreed to swap this land for an equal plot upon which a new school could be built. This enabled St. John’s to sell part of the Stedman site to help fund the single-site development. The Trust also made a substantial repayable loan to enable St. John’s to start building.

The Trust now owns most of the land on which the new school stands and many of the new buildings, both of which are leased to the school.

A further repayable loan also enabled St. John’s to build the new tennis courts (see photo slideshow below).


Finally, non-repayable grants have also been made for smaller projects, such as much of the funding for a climbing wall in 2019 (see above), assistance towards equipping the new library (below) and the visit of two St John’s teachers to The Gambia with the Marlborough Brandt Group (MBG).


Freda Cronk, a previously long serving Trustee and Chair of the SJFT commented:

“St. John’s Foundation Trust has a very special relationship with St. John’s Marlborough.

My personal involvement with St. John’s and the Foundation Trust spans more than 20 years, of which the last ten or so were as a Trustee of the SJFT.  I can honestly say every year has been fascinating, as you can see from the projects we enabled.  Historically, the SJFT has been managing some ancient legacies and land dating back to the 1700’s and 1800’s, which were bequeathed to the Grammar schools in Marlborough (the early forerunners to the Academy we know and love today).

Still to this day the SJFT Trustees play an objective role in managing the Trust Fund for future generations, but also in making charitable donations to the school. These are for the specific purposes of furthering students’ experiences and for the school to have a wider community involvement in Marlborough too. Our volunteer Trustees play an important role in the SJFT development plans. During my time at SJFT we started up some exciting new initiatives involving youth projects in the community, but there’s scope for lots more…”

Future Developments

The Trust is in discussion with St John’s for further developments for 2020/21 onwards, including an exciting new project to improve the outdoor facilities for the students next to the Sixth Form block.  It will be happening and it will be amazing…!

We have also just approved a much needed revamp of the Sixth Form Library and Study area, which will greatly improve the ability of our older students to reach their potential.

Ideas welcome

We welcome ideas from students and anyone involved in learning and the Marlborough community.  Please see our contact details HERE.

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